Hepatic hemangioma (6)

CASE : 0035


Case presentation
Age: 69
Sex: M
Chief complaint: Upper abdominal pain
He developed dull upper abdominal dull 3 months earlier. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy showed no abnormalities. However, since the abdominal pain did not improve, abdominal CT was performed in another hospital and suggested pancreatic cancer. He was referred to our hospital for close examination and treatment.
Past history
Nothing of note
Family history
Nothing of note
Laboratory test
[Blood biochemical examination] Albumin, 4.4 g/dl; T-Bil, 0.5 mg/dl; GLU, H 122 mg/dl (69-104); serum AMY, 107 IU/L: HbAlc, H 6.4% (4.0-5.6)
[Peripheral blood examination] WBC, L 3,800/ l (3,900-6,300); RBC, 4,450,000/ l; Hgb, L 13.1 g/dl (13.7-17.4); Ht, L 39.5% (33.6-44.6); PLAT, 143,000/ l
[Tumor markers] CEA, 3.4 ng/ml; CA19-9, H 422 U/ml (under 37), elastase, 64 ng/ml
Release date
Various codes
ACR Code:761.3194
Contributor: Hiroaki Onaya
Institution: National Cancer Center
Country: Japan