Hepatic metastasis from pancreatic carcinoma (2)

CASE : 0031


Case presentation
Age: 75
Sex: M
Chief complaint: Weight loss and aggravation of diabetes mellitus
He had been followed up for 20 years due to diabetes mellitus. Weight loss (15 kg for a 6-month period) was observed. The HbAlc level was 14.8%, suggesting aggravation of diabetes mellitus, and insulin therapy was initiated. Since CT performed to identify the cause showed a mass in the pancreatic body, he was referred to our hospital.
Past history
From 40 years of age : diabetes mellitus
Family history
Father: angina pectoris
elder sister: breast cancer
another elder sister: diabetes mellitus
20 cigarettes/day x 20 yrs (quit at 40 yrs-old)
Beer, 630mL/day for 15 years
Laboratory test
[Blood biochemical examination] Total protein, L 6.2 g/dl (6.3-8.3); albumin, 3.7 g/dl; T-Bil, 0.5 mg/dl; T-Cho, 161 mg/dl; GLU, H 219 mg/dl (69-104); Amy, H 159 IU/L (46-36); ALP, 172 U/l.
[Peripheral blood examination: WBC, L 4,000/ l (4,100-6,100); RBC, L 3,890,000/ l (4,310,000-5,650,000); Hgb, L 11.9 g/dl (13.7-17.4); PLAT, 192,000/ l
[Tumor markers] CEA, 2.1 ng/ml; CA19-9, < 1 U/ml
Release date
Various codes
ACR Code:761.3327
Contributor: Hiroaki Onaya
Institution: National Cancer Center
Country: Japan