Hepatic metastasis from pancreatic carcinoma (1)

CASE : 0033


Case presentation
Age: 67
Sex: M
Chief complaint: Absent (during chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer)
He underwent chemotherapy/radiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer 1 year earlier. Since NC in the primary lesion was observed, he was receiving gemcitabine therapy.
Past history
Nothing of note
Family history
Nothing of note
Laboratory test
[Blood biochemical examination] Total protein, 6.3 g/dl; albumin, L 3.3 g/dl (3.7-5.2); T-Bil, 1 mg/dl; total cholesterol, 156 mg/dl; GLU, 100 mg/dl; ALP, H 2,435 U/l (115-359); GOT (AST), H 76 IU/L (13-33); GPT (ALT), H 142 IU (6-27); LDH, 214 IU/L; -GTP, H 687 U/L (10-47); ChE, 241 IU/L; LAP, H 279 IU/L (34-92); ChE, 241 IU/L
[Peripheral blood examination] WBC, 5,100/ L; RBC, L 3,050,000/ l (4,310,000-5,650,000); Hgb, L 10.5 g/dl (13.7-17.4); PLAT, 343,000/ l
[Tumor markers] CEA, 3.7 ng/ml; CA19-9, 19 U/ml
Release date
Various codes
ACR Code:761.3327
Contributor: Hiroaki Onaya
Institution: National Cancer Center
Country: Japan