Teaching Software for Pulmonary Nodule LDCT Detection and Follow-up

Low-dose Helical CT Screening for Lung Cancer using Multislice CT:
NCC Project 2

We have developed a software package "Software for Instruction in the Detection of Pulmonary Nodules Using LDCT - Volume 2" for training in the detection of pulmonary nodules using MDCT. This software is designed to aid the detection and diagnosis of nodules during low-dose CT screening, observation of changes in their characteristics and size over time by follow-up CT, and then ensure that the diagnosis is correlated with features revealed by pathologic examination and high-resolution MDCT. The CT images used in this software have been obtained from lung cancer screening at the Research Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening, National Cancer Center, Tokyo. Pathological diagnosis is based on the IASLC/ATS/ERS International Multidisciplinary Classification (J Thorac Oncol 2011;6:244-285).

This work was supported in part by the National Cancer Center Research and Development Fund (23-A-35).

We hope that this software will be of help to radiologists and medical workers in recognizing the various appearances of lung cancer on CT screening, allowing them to detect lesions more easily and effectively.

If you have any questions, opinions or suggestions about this software, please email us.

E-mail: cir-admin@ml.res.ncc.go.jp