Functions of the NCC-CIR Viewer

Zoom-in/Zoom-out function

Dragging the mouse to the right enlarges the image size within the rectangular window. Dragging the mouse to the left causes a continuous image size reduction within the rectangular window. At the end of the zooming operation the entire image enlarges or reduces accordingly. The rectangular window area can be moved with the mouse. Even in the interpolation mode, images can be enlarged without sacrificing image smoothness.

Scroll function

If the on-screen image enlarged with the zoom function is too large to fit on the screen, it can be scrolled by dragging the mouse. (Any part of the on-screen image can be observed quickly by using the mouse to grab the image and move it with this function.)

Measurement function

The area within a closed curve can be measured using the distance and angle between two points.

Contrast/Gray level control

When you drag the mouse vertically, the contrast continuously varies within a rectangular window. Dragging the mouse horizontally causes a continuous gray level change within a rectangular window. At the end of your adjustment, the entire image changes accordingly. The rectangular window area can be moved with the mouse, and resized.

Image layout function

Images can be laid out freely from 1 x 1 to 4 x 4 matrix.

Mark/Comment function

Comments can be entered, stored and displayed at designated positions of the on-screen images.

MPR (Multi-Planar Reconstruction) function (Simple)

This function carries out to reconstruct a series of image to a three-dimensional volume one and show them as three orthogonal sections. Slice images that are in axial, coronal and sagittal planes are displayed in three windows like a draft, with hairlines indicating the position of other sections.
In addition to most of functions mentioned above, you can enjoy some intuitive slice adjustment functions in this mode. For example, you can point the slice positions directly, grab and move hairlines, and traverse continuously as animation only in the square of interest clicked on the image.

Other image processing functions

Other image processing functions offered include edit, erase, adjusting to window size, contrast reset.